Daabbata Diimookiraattawwaa Uummata Oromoo













Afaan Oromo Version

The Oromo people's revolutionary Democratic Organization is a political organization established in 1991 by Oromo nationalists to lead the national liberation struggle of the Oromo people against the fascist dictatorial derg regime. OPDO was established at the time when the Oromo people were in desperate need of a democratic political Organization that could lead them to Victory through the protracted struggle. The Fundamental objective of the Oromo people's Democratic Organization is struggling for sustainability of ensured inalienable national and democratic rights of Oromo people and other nation and nationalities. OPDO is also struggling for full realization of these national and democratic rights of Oromo people and nation and nationalities. The OPDO is aimed to continue to be key actor in building reliable peace and strong stability under democracy in Oromia and Ethiopia as a whole and struggle against anti-democracy and terrorism. Thus, it is aspiration of the OPDO to build new Ethiopia in concert with other progressive forces where all nations and nationalities could live in harmony under democracy with equality.

The Oromo people like the other nation and nationalities of Ethiopia have made it certain that they are owners of political power under democratic system that is established. Hence, the people elect those who could fulfill their needs, their interests and speed up democratization and development process. OPDO is struggling with clear objective of bringing about the realization of the authentic democratic rights of the people to grasp these political powers. OPDO is struggling for a democratic system that respects the right to self-determination and self-administration and the one that is based on good governance transparency and accountability. This has culminated in the building of the system for the establishment and realization of regional administration in which people make decisions on their own region. Thus, OPDO's commitment is enabling the Oromo people and others to realize this fundamental right. The Oromo people benefited from unencumbered right to development, freedom of production with assured benefit. The centralized economy is now replaced by free market economic policy. The free market economy assures the people of being the sole beneficiaries of their effort. In spite of this, there are forces that agitate the issue of land should operate in the free market. The OPDO is struggling for the sole beneficiaries of Oromo people and against anti-democratic forces who try to put the question of land into free market.

Today, the OPDO plays a vital role in struggling against dependency syndrome, narrow nationalism and chauvinistic to further contribute for the rapid and sustainable development, peace, stability and democratization of the federated multi-natural Ethiopia.