Pres. Girma: Celebration of NNPs Day indicates flourishing democratic system


Addis Ababa December 07/ 2012 President Girma Woldegiorgis said celebration of the 7th Nations' Nationalities' and Peoples' (NNPs) Day indicates the flourishing democratic system in the country. In a statement he made here Friday in connection with celebration of the Day, the President said celebration of the Day signifies effective implementation of the Constitution. President Girma said celebration of the Day is significant to maintain existing ties among the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. The President also stressed the need for the public to undertake activities including growing of plants to prevent soil erosion. Soil conservation activities undertaken in Tigray State and North Shoa Zone are commendable, the President said, adding, such activities need to be strengthened in other parts of the country to prevent erosion. The 7th Nations' Nationalities' and Peoples' (NNPs) Day will be marked at a national level in Bahirdar Town, Amhara State this Saturday.